Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello readers!

Along with Forever 21's 3-day sale also comes with this cool local brand Oxygen whereas they will also have a 3-day sale actually yesterday, today and tomorrow! April 29 to May 1! So hurry up and shop till you drop! They didn't tell up to how many percent is the sale but let's assume that it will be up to 50% or more. =)) Goodluck shoppers! =)


Things you can do with a SAMSUNG SMART TV. (part 3)

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Hello readers!

Now's my last turn to prove to you that Samsung Smart TV is not only for watching high quality movies or videos but also to amaze each and everyone of you because of the experience of this one and only cool innovation brought to you by SAMSUNG. =))

Just because Samsung Smart TV is really cool, as in C-O-O-L, these cool vibes reached the world Azeroth and between the Sentinel and the Scourge. =)) You know what I'm talking about right?! Samsung Smart TV's cool aura reached the God-like powers of the heroes of the Defense of the Ancients!


Source of images: Play DOTA
SCRIPT: Obviously ME! =)) (i used the name, images of heroes and some of their skills to prove that Samsung Smart TV is really the right choice to have with.ü)

And the Heroes has spoken about on what they can say about that TV. =)

1. Pugna (oblivion): Hey yah HEROES! through Samsung Smart TV, the innovations before this great invention will be in oblivion! NYAHAHAH!

2. Kunkka (admiral): Even Ghost Ships will appear because they will use Samsung Smart TV in their Cabins. savvey?! HAHA!

3. Lina Inverse (slayer): My Feiry Soul will love Samsung Smart TV for FOREVER! my heart is ablaze, it's keeping me warm. <3

4. Medusa (gorgon): When I will use Stone Gaze to the Samsung Smart TV. It will be sure that I'll turn to stone because of the picture perfect image reflections I am making! =)

5. Crixalis (sand king): HAHA! Even the quality of my Sand Storm will be more detailed and will be viewed in 3D, you can count them on from now on! HAHAHA! Goodluck!

6. Balanar (night stalker): I fear light and Darkness no more because of Samsung Smart TV. Clear specs and real image can be seen anytime of the day. HRRRR!

7. Atropos (bane elemental): I think I'll get countless Nightmared if I can't get one Samsung Smart TV! teehee!

8. Pudge (butcher): Fresh meats will Rot no more because Samsung Smart TV has is an energy saver. YUUUM!

9. Razor (lightning revenant): Unstable Currents of crowd will buy Samsung Smart TV because this Smart TV is really FOR THE WIN!

10. Krobelus (death prophet): Because of your amazement with Samsung Smart TV. You will be in Silence. HAHA! You can't even say a single word because your in SILENCE!

11. Slark (murloc nightcrawler): Even the Shadows will Dance because of its sleek size and design, a pure space saver indeed! Rejoice shadow monsters! HAHA!

12. Terrorblade (soul keeper): The human race will Sunder no more, instead, will reunite because you can use SNSs (social networking sites) to keep in touch with mankind!

13. Clinkz (bone fletcher): I'll use Wind Walk just to get out of my household chores to watch my favorite movies. HARHAR! =)

14. Nortrom (silencer): Saying to other TVsL "anymore lastwords before pulling out your tv stocks? LOL. Samsung Smart TV is on its way dominating the whole world! HAHAHA!"

15. Abaddon (lord of avernus): I can Borrow Time from my friends to spend the night with me watching movies and playing games, oh, I'll cherish that wonderful moment with me!

16. Tiny (stone giant): even my great grandchildren will GROW! along with the Samsung Smart TV because its smartness will never fade! Albert Einstein-ish? LOL! =)

17. Kael (invoker): Time to invoke your family members and to witness your photo slideshow memories. One sweet moment to really hang on. =)

18. Banehallow (lycanthrope): Even my followers will howl with happiness because we can see our fellow wolves in the TV like in real life. HAHAHA!

19. Purist Thunderwrath (omniknight): HAHA! My Guardian Angel will protect my Samsung Smart TV in any way! It became a part of my life. =))

20. Syllabear (lone druid): The Synergy of this Smart TV will never fail you. Just one click, with it's tight internet connection, it will really never fail you. =))

21. Mortred (phantom assassin): No one will ever get disturbed nor Blur because you can still watch TV while I'm checking the news. HAHA!

22. Darchrow (enigma) Black Holes will never appear anymore. They are scared because of the brightness of Samsung Smart TV's color quality. =)

23. Akasha (queen of pain): In a Blink of an eye, I can download as more as 1000 applications with Samsung Smart TV. AHAHA!

24. King Leoric (skeletin king): If I will die and to do Reincarnation, I will choose to be a Samsung Smart TV. Why? because I'll be the SMARTEST! BWAHAHA!

25. Lo (guardian wisp): I'll Overcharge my Samsung Smart TV with a lot of apps and accessories. Overcharging is GOOD!

26. Gondar (bounty hunter): Yow mah dudes! Samsung Smart TV can Track everything, track in music, track in movie, track in news, track in EVERYTHING! hohoho!

27. Furion (prophet): Even the Force of Nature will rejoice because Samsung Smart TV is an environment-friendly SMART TV!

28. Aiushtha (enchantress): My Samsung Smart TV is Untouchable because I can use a Samsung Galaxy Tab to navigate Samsung Smart TV. how wise and nice huh!

29. Bradwarden (centaur warchief): This era is the Return of the SMARTEST! WOW! COOL! Azgalor (pit lord): My OTHER tvs are ready for Expulsion because surely Samsung Smart TV will be liked by all!

30. Morphling (morphling): I will morph my past tv here in home (another samsung TV) into a Samsung Smart TV! The Smarter the Better!

31. Mercurial (spectre): All the famous persons will haunt me and I'll let them watch and use my Samsung Smart TV. HAHAHA!

32. Aurel Vlaicu (gyrocopter): Call Down your loved ones and let us have a quality time bonding!

33. Strygwyr (bloodseeker): My heart is ready for Rupture if ever my master ADRIAN will win this contest. HAHAHA! GOODLUCK master and to all the contestants! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! =)

34. Mirana Nightshade (priestess of the moon): My Master Adrian will surely LEAP like 5 feet if he will be announced as the winner. =)))

Well, this is a result of my unending imagination. =)) the 34 heroes now had spoken the coolest thing about Samsung Smart TV. Well.

And for me, being the 35th HERO. I would just like to say that Samsung Smart TV will really drive you crazy to infinity even if it is tiny, we can still see everything clearly, nothing would feel sorry because this smart tv is really a deary to all of us. =))

I just can't believe that Samsung Smart TV is really the most innovative and the sleekest invention ever. Congratulations to Samsung. Cheers, Adrian

KFC Taste of Summer

Hello readers!

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, a globally renowned chain of fast food restaurants. Anyway let's go away with the general concept. HAHA! We're here in the Philippines so KFC Philippines launched a campaign called: "A Taste of Summer" and they introduced 3 new products, the Ben 10 Bucket Meal, Fish Twister and Summer Krushers. YUMMY isn't it? =)

Anyway, along with the launch of the product comes also with a photo contest which is OPEN to all FILIPINOS (mga kababayan!) aged 10 and above. For Those who are planning to join the contest, you or your group should take photos wearing your favorite and hot summer outifts, HOLDING 1 of KFC's newest products. Of course, this is a contest so natural ee may prizes. =)) but for this kind of contest, KFC will give GRAND PRIZES for each of the categories. =)

Prize at Stake
The winning photos will be determined by KFC and its promotional agency based on the following criteria: creativity (40%), originality (35%), communication of theme (20%), number of votes (5%)

The three Grand Prize winners will get the change to choose from the different destinations offered in the category that they joined:

1. Fish Twister contestants win a shopping trip for 2 to either of the following places: Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.
-3 day/2 night stay in hotel for 2
-Transportation and meals for 3 days
-Pocket money
-Roundtrip airfare

2. Ben10 Bucket Meal contestants win a trip for 4 to either of the following Asian theme parks: Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Ocean Park or Universal Studios Singapore.

3 day/2 night stay in hotel for 4
-Transportation and meals for 3 days
-Pocket money
-Roundtrip airfare

3. Summer Krushers Contestants win a beach trip for 4 to either of the following beaches: Coron, Boracay, Panglao.
-3 day/2 night stay in a hotel for 4
-Transportation and meals for 3 days
-Pocket money
-Roundtrip airfare

4. KFC will give out P500 worth of GCs to each of the two runner-ups in the 3 categories. The GCs will be calid one year from the date of issue

Winners will be notified via registered mail. They have the option of claiming their prizes at the KFC Philippines office in Metro Manila, at address 7th Floor Ramcar Center, 80-82 Roces Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1103 or they may hve the prizes sent to them via courier, expenses of which will be shouldered by KFC Philippines.

Winners may claim their prize within 60 days upon receipt of the registered notification, otherwise, the prize will be forfeited in favor of KFC Philippines, upon prior DTI approval

WE STILL have all the time in this world to prepare and take cool photos because the contest DEADLINE ends on MAY 14, 2011. REMEMBER the date! =)

Well, Lovers, Bestfriends forever, groupie, or your beloved family can join no. Here's the link for the full mechanics and the terms and conditions:
Terms and Conditions
Full Contest Mechanics

Summer will be more worth enjoying by joining this kewl contest! I'll ask na my blockmates to join. HAHAHA! goodluck mga kababayans! =)

KFC Philippines


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 400th Birthday UST! =)

Let the whole WORLD know that today is the 400th Foundation Day of the ONLY Pontifical and Royal university in Asia, the University Of Santo Tomas. =)) Anyway, wondering why UST celebrated their Quadricentennial Celebration Last January 28? I can name 2 things:

1. April 28, although UST's foundation day is obviously a period of vacation, maybe it's the first reason why they moved the Quadricentennial Celebration to January 28. =)
2. January 28 is St. Thomas Aquinas, the university's PATRON SAINT. it's great because UST is having a double celebration, and it's double the fun! =D

UST is always imbued with God's Unending Grace since 1611. =))
Endured several lapses (flood? :">), produced mighty heroes and awesome people and made unforgetting trademarks in history. =))

lemme share one article with you about UST's actual 400th foundation anniversary and the beatification of the late John Paul II

UST Marks 400th Milestone with John Paul II Beatification

MANILA, Philippines — The University of Santo Tomas will have a twin celebration today, April 28. as it celebrates its actual 400th foundation anniversary and the beatification of the late John Paul II on May 1.

In January 1995, during the World Youth Day ’95 celebrations, UST made history when Pope John Paul II came and delivered his gracious message to the Filipino youth from its parade grounds. UST then played host to the International Youth Forum — participated in by a select group of more than 300 young people from all over the world. This group prepared the message of the youth delivered during the World Youth Day ‘95 closing mass held in Luneta.

The first time the Pope from Poland set foot in UST was in February 1981 when he first came to the Philippines to preside at the beatification rites for Blessed Lorenzo Ruiz and other martyrs.

Lorenzo Ruiz was a sacristan at the Dominican-run Binondo Church in Manila. In October 1987, Lorenzo Ruiz was elevated by Pope John Paul II to sainthood in Rome, the first Filipino saint and one of the 1,340 faithful beatified and 482 others canonized during the term of John Paul II.

UST commenced its year long quadricentennial celebration last Jan. 28 to honor as well the feast day of its patron saint, St. Thomas Aquinas, but it was actually on April 28, 1611 when the University was founded by Archbishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P.

On this day, 400 years ago, the Dominican brothers of Monsignor Benavides, the third archbishop of Manila, fulfilled his last will by building a seminary-college that would prepare young men for the priesthood.

Colegio de Nuestra Senora de Santisimo Rosario, as it was originally called, rose from campus in Intramuros on April 28, 1611, six years after Fr. Benavides, in his deathbed bequeathed a P1,500 endowment and his personal library to lay the cornerstone of the university.

The Colegio was to be renamed Colegio de Sto. Tomas and in time became a university on Nov. 20, 1645 by virtue of Pope Innocent X’s Papal Bull in supereminenti. In 1785, it received the title Royal University from King Charles III in recognition of the loyalty and service by its students who defended Manila against the British invaders.

On Sept. 17, 1902, Pope Leo XIII made UST a Pontifical university, to become the only learning institution in Asia to receive papal patronage and second in the world next to Rome’s Gregorian University. Later on in 1947, Pope Pius XII recognized UST as the Catholic University of the Philippines.

Thomasians! Be proud of being students of our beloved UST! Let us ROAR with humility and compassion and celebrate with UST's 400 years of UNENDING GRACE! VIVA SANTO TOMAS! \m/


Goodbye JAM LEGEND. =|

Hello Readers!

I don't know kung bakit uso ang mga nagsasarang famous sites today. Friendster headed the first move and then JamLegend. Iba na talaga ang competition kahit sa internet. Well, another heartbreaking news, Jam Legend will close their dooors na on April 29, TOMORROW and it's not cool. I use to play them everytime I have siesta time and cool breaks. And now that they will close their system, I can't play songs na to their site FOREVER obviously. =|

They emailed every member of JamLegend like this (of course including me):

JamLegend will close its doors permanently on Friday April 29th, 2011.

We have always been committed to keeping your data private. As such, we will be permanently deleting all

user data after closing JamLegend on April 29, 2011. If there's anything on JamLegend you'd like to

remember (friends, stats), please make sure you do so before then.

Andrew, Arjun, and Ryan
JamLegend Founders

For more information, visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions:, or go

to our GetSatisfaction forum here:

I expected JamLegend that they will also have a revamp like Friendster but, DUUH. HAHA! I'm so sorry JamLegend. ='\ Best wishes and goodluck to your future ventures! I had fun playing on your site, as well as your other members! =))

and this mail pala was intended pala talaga for me. *touched*


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's Why I'm Proud of you NAY. =)

My NANAY in UST Justine Concepcion, did something extravagant like right now. HAHA! She sang songs from Whitney Houston. HAHA! medyo bano ako when it comes to the song's titles. xD ANYWAY! Here's her own rendition singing songs from Whitney Houston! I can say that Nay did a rightful and she deserves a standing ovation. CLAP CLAP! Anyway. While listening to Nay's singing prowess, I fell inlove with it (SWEAR) and it has this kind of serene feeling when you listen to it. =)) Ang napansin ko lang na kakaiba ay, NAY, bumirit ka, pero bakit ka nakaupo? HAHA! ang effortless ee. XD LOL. Iba talaga ang product ng OV. Nay even told me that she'll upload another video having a different view. (awkward naman daw kasi dahil top view ang view.) Hope that she'll post dozens of songs pa. =)) gusto ko na next time yung todo birit. =))) GOODLUCK SA INTERNATIONAL SCENE nay! LOVELOTS and a super duper >:D<

Here's her brilliant mash up video. =)) ENJOY!


Farewell Friendster. =\

I was shocked after hearing the news about Friendster's complete OBLIVION on May 31. =(( Anyway, Friendster will revamp for the better. They will not compete anymore instead, compliment other social networking sites by turning into a social entertainment site. =)) oras oras lang yan ika nga. Anyway, here's an article of Niña Corpuz about Friendster's oblivion.

Friendster: It's a Facebook world
By Niña Corpuz, ABS-CBN News
Posted at 04/27/2011 5:18 PM | Updated as of 04/27/2011 7:22 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Say good-bye to Friendster as you know it. The first social network site is shutting down its social networking services after 9 years.

Friendster was bought by Money Online (MOL), a Malaysian company that also owns the Berjaya group of companies, from its American owners.

Last week, Friendster sent an e-mail to its users advising them to export their profiles, photos, and blogs by May 31 or these will all be history. All these will be erased to give way to the new Friendster which will be launched in a couple of weeks.

"You can't compete with Facebook. They did a good job. It's a Facebook world," said Nikolai Galicia, Friendster and MOL country manager for the Philippines.

But Galicia clarified that Friendster is not shutting or closing down. "Friendster will continue. Mag-iiba lang ang focus niya. After MOL bought Friendster, we are moving forward. The new Friendster will complement Facebook."

Friendster will retain its name but will discontinue its social network services. It will be re-launched as a social entertainment site where users will be able to play games and listen to music.

"Fifty percent of FB users don't like games. We will service the other 50 percent," said Galicia.

The Philippines has the most number of Friendster users worldwide with an estimated 20 million users.

Galicia said they understand how important Friendster is to many Filipinos. "Nine years na ang Friendster. Parang diary na 'yan."

So Friendster has created tools to easily export users' profiles, photos and blogs where these can be kept.

For instance, photos can be exported to Flickr or Multiply, and blogs to Wordpress and Blogger.

A user's Friendster profile including comments, testimonials, messages, shoutouts and treasure chests can be saved as a document. "[With] a few clicks, it can be saved like a PDF form. Forever mo na makikita ang diary mo," Galicia said.

Long time Friendster users like Anne King are sad about this new development. King said when she got the e-mail announcement from Friendster, she immediately exported her entire account. "The earlier, the better", said King.

Friendster's newest/last homepage interface

SALE! SALE! SALE! Forever 21.

Hello readers!

I'm happy to say for you guys that Forever 21 will have their 3-day sale on April 29 to May 1 at SM Megamall. The 3 day sale will be like forever. HAHA! LOL! (connection much). Anyway, expect a huge crown during the sale day! Visit Forever 21 Philippines' Official Facebook Page so you can choose already what type of clothes you are going to buy but anyway, it's fun exploring the huge store of forever 21 in megamall. HAHA! GOODLUCK shoppers!

Sale Hours:
Friday: 9AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10AM to 11PM

up to 50% off on selected items
10% off when you present your SMAC, BDO Rewards and Forever 21 credit card
5% rebate on all Forever 21, BDO and AMEX credit cards with a minimum spent of P5,000
0% interest, 3 months installment for a minimum of P5,000 single receipt purchase

Visit their Facebook Page for more informations. =)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

12 days from now, the biggest fashion show here in the Philippines is soon to be held again! The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 (PFW H11). This regal event is scheduled on May 8-15 at the SMX Convention Center. PFW will again showcase obra pias from the country's top designers and best clothing brand around the country. =)

The Schedule is now up! =))

I want to attend all the events but I still have classes. HAHA! LOL. Hope that I can attend at least 2 random shows. =))

You can just visit their site to know the full details about the upcoming show SEEYAH!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Folded and Hung Photoshoot!

Just saw this one at Folded and Hung's Official Facebook Page and as the image says, if you're the winner of the click-to-like to win contest, YOU WILL BE A PART OF AN UPCOMING PHOTOSHOOT WITH ANNE CURTIS! =)) yes! ANNE CURTIS. Make a comment answering this question: "Why do you want to join our photoshoot with Anne Curtis?" As simple as that but you need to be patient and pursuant because the most number of liked comment will win. =))

Visit F&H's Facebook Page by clicking here Folded&Hung
Good luck to all the contestants and enjoy your shoot with Anne Curtis! =)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week

Hello to you!

Now is the time I think, the time to make our own self-realization.
Actually we are now in Lenten Season, the season where Jesus died on the cross to save the mankind from sin.
I don't know the traditions in other places but lemme share to you what the Immaculate Conception Parish in Malabon City is doing during Lenten Season. + points nadin ang ma sshare ko because I'm an Altar Server. HAHA!Ash Wednesday triggers the start of the Lenten Season. During Ash Wednesday, ashes were put into each and everyone's foreheads, it signifies that "We are dust and to dust we shall return". So after Ash Wednesday, we have an event called "Stations of the Cross" where it refers to the final hours before the passion of Christ. We are doing this event every friday of the week. It has 14 stations. Here in Malabon, there are 6 chapels to start the way of the cross. These Chapels are:

1. Sto. Niño Chapel
2. Risen Lord Chapel
3. Fatima Chapel
4. ICP
5. Sto. Rosario Chapel

And when a chapel finishes their own way. All will gather to the main church (ICP) to celebrate a solemn mass. =))
The Stations of the Cross in ICP will last for 4 more fridays until it reaches Sunday.

Palm Sunday which marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent preceding Easter Season. In Palm Sunday, Jesus was warmly welcomed into Jerusalem. And Here in Malabon, we also do that with the help of our Parish Priest, we welcome him by swaying our "PALASPAS" or palm (kaya nga palm sunday ee. haha!). During the mass, especially Gospel Reading, The church people will re-enact the passion of Christ (one scene worth watching and people will have a more-self realization).

Next is Holy Monday. In our parish, usually, they are holding their PABASA. after that, not much events are scheduled.
Next is Holy Tueday. Our parish usually held KUMPISALANG BAYAN that day. =))
Next is Holy Wednesday. That day naman, Parish-wide Lenten Recollection ang in. But IDK this event this time didn't take place. =|

For Maundy Thursday. In the morning, in our diocese, Diocese of Kalookan, there's this Chrism Mass at the San Roque Cathedral where chrism oils are blessed and are ready to use for the next seasons (used in baptism, confirmation, anointing of the sick). At night, The mass is actually the start of the Paschal Triduum. It is said that it is a one mass because The Mass during thursday, scheduled also as the Washing of the Feet, begins with the sign of the cross and this is the time where in the bell can be heard no more until easter and during consecration, instead of the bell to ring, it will be replaced by "keplak" (the kahoy-made noise bringer, something like that. haha). And when the mass is supposed to end, no sign of the cross will happen. After the mass. The 12 acting apostles and the parish priest will have their LAST SUPPER. usually held at the kumbento.

On Good Friday, Christians recall the passion and crucifixion of Jesus, also the event "siete palabras" or the 7 last words of Jesus is from high noon up to 3 pm. Images of saints are either kept or veiled until the Easter Vigil. By 5 pm. Jesus' body will now be buried. In ICP, the body will be buried in one of the 5 chapels.

On Black Saturday or "sabado de gloria" still. ang gloomy pa dahil deads si bro. =((
well anyway. sa kinagabihan naman ang easter vigil where as magpapakita si bro sa mass especially pag kinakanta na ang papuri sa dyos. Let's all celebrate that time huh!

The Salubong naman on Easter Sunday. Sobrang aga nean. kaya kaming knights. Puyatan mode. xD as in 3 am palang naka pwesto na kaming lahat. cool ang setting namin dahil ang salubong sa amin ay two way meet to one. they will seperate in the church. jesus will go to the left and mary at the right and they will meet at the RUFINA. =))

and after the salubong mass. tuloy ang pagbalik sa church for the normal mass na easter-inspired. =))

Attend to your church events dahil masaya at sooper worthy ang experience. =))


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Birthday. =))

Hello to you!

This is our secret ha! My Birthday was yesterday! April 18, and you know what? It's just a normal day for me. HAHA! LOLJK. Seriously, I don't know kasi how to spent my birthday on special things. Given na ang pasok ko ngayon, Maybe I'll just attend mass and thank everyone who will greet me (sana lagpas 10 ang bumati. xD).

I felt special for my day, before kasi. pag birthday ko, asa house lang ako with a lot of foods. I don't know why my parents don't invite people. HAHA! para daw solo siguro ng family ang food. LOL. xD It's super weird because the day before my birthday. I'm surprised because Jerome did something. HAHA! We're just tweeting like this and then. HAHAHAHAHA!:

Nalaro lang ako ng GEOCHALLENGE at ang taas pa nga ng score ko dun. HAHA! cried because of extreme happiness. HAHA! sooper part na din kasi ng life ko ang aking minamahal na BLOG. =)) thenks chairman! =))

We went to SM just to buy pitchel. HAHA! Nanay needed one kasi. HEHE! The night before my birthday. My fam attended a clan gathering because Me and my Dete Lea (mama's sister (lola ko din)) have the same birthdate din kasi. EAT.EAT.EAT. =)) When we got home. I slept agad para ma surprise ako sa mga greetings (kapal lang. xD). Pero hindi ako binigo ng mga madla. HAHA! GREETINGS flooded my wall nung morning palang. kaso I did not have the time to reply all of them dahil pasok ko din sa sa school. =))

When I came to school. HAHA! pa-innocent lang ako. But Mia came and greeted me agad. HAHA! next was JomariE who greeted me next. My beloved 1-24 soon came out of the building and greeted me in a loud manner (especially chairmen vincent, jerome and michael) and the rest followed as well. =)) Kahit sa classroom. HAHA! Received texts too. HAHA! Wala namang ibang nangyari, parang normal na araw lang din. Nag sweatwork pa sa math subjects ko. HAHA! After class, I went agad sa UST Chapel to attend mass kaso ang early bird ko lang. The mass was scheduled at 5:15 pm and I came in 4:00 pm. LOL. Nahintay ko naman ito. HAHA!

Went to SM to buy my cake. Parang naulet lang? Dropped by sa ICP to give thanks and made a solemn prayer. Allen approached me to come and join the other knights to attend retreat at the Capuchin Retreat Center. (He wowed me dahil umaasenso na ang ministry namin! haha. and at the same time, na iyak ako inside dahil kahit sooper hiatus na ako eh part padin ako ng family. =')

Pag uwi ko, opened my Facebook, Twitter at phone. AT. FLOODED na talaga ako. xD siguro kung luma eung computer ko nag crash na ito. HAHA! eto ang narecord ko last night ee. actually may sumunod pa atang 60+. HAHA!

Anyway. My day went great! got great gifts from random people. I bought my own cake, kudos to my bro! Adriel. THANK YOU for that 250 bucks. HAHAHA!

Walang salu-salong naganap sa bahay nung bday ko. So kanina ang handa. =)) matakaw ako. sorry. xD actually naka 3 plato ako. haha. PROUD pa. xD

Wish ko ay sana:

  1. Maging successful pa ang blog kong adrii-naline rush
  2. Maging constant na ang friends ko, walang iwanan haa! friends forever! =))
  3. Maka graduate sa UST holding a degree in ENGINEERING! GO ENG'G! =)
  4. Maging DL manlang ako kahit once. =))
  5. Tuloy tuloy lang ang blessings for me, my family and to all my friends

SOSOSOSO! happy! =)) To all the people who are with me all the time. =)) 
  • God
  • My Father, my mother, my brother, sister, lola especially MY FAMILY. =">
  • my ICPS Family
  • Malabon Prose Family (alyssa, denise, gelyn, raffy, merbie, kebson, dema, aldous) =">
  • 1-21 Family
  • 1-24 Family
  • Ministry of Altar Server Family
  • LAHAT NG BUMATI through Facebook, Twitter, SMS's and personal greetings. =))
  • Publicity Team (ate rica, ate jane, vene, lola geline, ate ann, ate camz, kevin, kentu, neilo, marc, karren) =">
  • Engineering Student Council Family
  • Thomasian Community
  • AND to all my readers who are not tired of reading every posts I made. =)) You made my very special day well. =)) 



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