Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penshoppe x Status Positivi-TEE Contest

Hello duuur!

Recently, Penshoppe and Status made a cool challenge for us, the Penshoppe x Status Positivi-tee contest. As the contest title says "positivity". So the main theme of the contest is all about positivity.

Here's the poster of their full mechanics: (source from

Just saw their poster kasi last time, and then I was like "HANORAW?!" thing. haha! nag hysterical pa ako. kidding! Designed my template with full inspiration, happiness and POSITIVITY. =)) I passed my own entry last May 31 I think and a week later. Continued my life in UST. LOL. as usual tag hirap. xD The Status team texted me that my entry made it to the list! (LOL. I'm shocked 'til now). I thought that I made it to the top 6 something because my mind got blurred about the contest mechanics and rewards. Little did I know that they made a revision. Instead of producing 6 designs, they will produce the top 14 designs and those are to be sold in their boutiques. I am amazed because they really enjoyed all the entries and they saw the real positivity inside our designs. I'm excited as well because when I told my blockmates about what happened to me, they said that all of them will buy the shirt that I designed (crossed-fingers. LOL). I'm also excited for the prizes. HAHA! A spread in Status Magazine on their AUGUST issue, limited tees sold at penshoppe boutiques and 2,5oophp worth of GC's (dunno about this thing) xD.

Click HERE to see the rest of the designs. =)) and Here's my DESIGN: =))

You may also like PENSHOPPE and STATUS MAG's official Facebook account.


So readers! LET's SUPPORT PENSHOPPE, I encourage you buy their shirts designed by us and of course, STATUS MAGAZINE, not only their upcoming august issue but syempre yung mga susunod pa.

SPREAD THE POSITIVITY and spread the happiness. =))


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Art of Folding your Jeans

Hello Everyone!

This is my favorite style these days. I can say that it suits me well, I dunno what to say but it's cool naman diba? it matched the weather and it matches the trend.

Well we have here one cool style, I think dati pa to, but let us all refresh what really is the sense of folding your jeans. For me kasi I'm doing this always on my Oxygen jeans. =)) First is fold the first layer of your jeans up, uhm a little bit higher than the knee level, and then I fold the next layer like an inch and a half and then fold it again the same way I said earlier. You may notice an allowance like 2 more inches right? For the jeans not too look obvious like you folded it, fold the first layer of your jeans to the existing layer below your knee line and cover it to end the torture. HAHA!

Here's me with a folded jeans (sorry for the quality and it's cropped. LOL)

Anyway, hope that you like it.



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