Saturday, October 22, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012


One more day and the biggest fashion show in the Philippines is soon to be held again! The Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012. The said event is scheduled on the 23rd of October up to the 30th at the SMX Convention Center which will showcase the superb creations from the country's top designers and best clothing brands around the Philippines for the two seasons. Along with the event comes also the country's top models who are all ready to show their blissful ramps. =)

I will attend 3 shows; (cool isn't it) SM Men's Fashion, Design Fusion Vision & Trends (invited by Dimple Lim) and Oxygen. I'm looking forward to watch Penshoppe and the other Thomasian designers (hoping to get more invites). Here is the schedule for the show or you can visit Philippine Fashion Week Live's website to see the complete list of the designers and the brands that will participate in this event. See you on the show people!

Philippine Fashion Week Live


Thursday, July 7, 2011

I don't feel like doing anything TODAY.


As the title says, I really don't feel like doing anything.

1. I slept at around 1:30 am to finish the draft the design of the lanyard for my beloved DOS-DOS-DOS (engineering section 2-22)
2. My mum woke mu up like 7 am kanina because We had our practice in our Social Dancing PE. I don't wanna get off from the bed because it's so cold in the room, bukas na aircon + #3 electric fan speed = supah lamig na environment. LOL.
3. And because I'm late, I arrived at UST round 10:30 na and our meeting time was 10:00. =))
4. None of my groupmates attended our practice. I felt baaaad. soooo bad. Was like T___T all the way. Buti na lang si raph pumunta. LOL. 2 kami. xD
5. A supposed to be 10:00 - 12:00 practice ay cancelled na and my class for today ay 4:00 pm pa. =))
6. Kanina pa ako dito sa Internet Center ng Benavides Central Library dahil sobrang tamad na ako, buti na lang malamig. SOOO LAAAZY talaga today.
7. Minors lang ang subjects ko ngayon. plus antok points. well. Goodluck sa akin.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penshoppe x Status Positivi-TEE Contest

Hello duuur!

Recently, Penshoppe and Status made a cool challenge for us, the Penshoppe x Status Positivi-tee contest. As the contest title says "positivity". So the main theme of the contest is all about positivity.

Here's the poster of their full mechanics: (source from

Just saw their poster kasi last time, and then I was like "HANORAW?!" thing. haha! nag hysterical pa ako. kidding! Designed my template with full inspiration, happiness and POSITIVITY. =)) I passed my own entry last May 31 I think and a week later. Continued my life in UST. LOL. as usual tag hirap. xD The Status team texted me that my entry made it to the list! (LOL. I'm shocked 'til now). I thought that I made it to the top 6 something because my mind got blurred about the contest mechanics and rewards. Little did I know that they made a revision. Instead of producing 6 designs, they will produce the top 14 designs and those are to be sold in their boutiques. I am amazed because they really enjoyed all the entries and they saw the real positivity inside our designs. I'm excited as well because when I told my blockmates about what happened to me, they said that all of them will buy the shirt that I designed (crossed-fingers. LOL). I'm also excited for the prizes. HAHA! A spread in Status Magazine on their AUGUST issue, limited tees sold at penshoppe boutiques and 2,5oophp worth of GC's (dunno about this thing) xD.

Click HERE to see the rest of the designs. =)) and Here's my DESIGN: =))

You may also like PENSHOPPE and STATUS MAG's official Facebook account.


So readers! LET's SUPPORT PENSHOPPE, I encourage you buy their shirts designed by us and of course, STATUS MAGAZINE, not only their upcoming august issue but syempre yung mga susunod pa.

SPREAD THE POSITIVITY and spread the happiness. =))


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Art of Folding your Jeans

Hello Everyone!

This is my favorite style these days. I can say that it suits me well, I dunno what to say but it's cool naman diba? it matched the weather and it matches the trend.

Well we have here one cool style, I think dati pa to, but let us all refresh what really is the sense of folding your jeans. For me kasi I'm doing this always on my Oxygen jeans. =)) First is fold the first layer of your jeans up, uhm a little bit higher than the knee level, and then I fold the next layer like an inch and a half and then fold it again the same way I said earlier. You may notice an allowance like 2 more inches right? For the jeans not too look obvious like you folded it, fold the first layer of your jeans to the existing layer below your knee line and cover it to end the torture. HAHA!

Here's me with a folded jeans (sorry for the quality and it's cropped. LOL)

Anyway, hope that you like it.


Saturday, May 28, 2011



I'm back! haha! let's go away from reality and let's do things that are extraordinary.

LIKE THESE riddle games I found out on the net. It's actually cool to answer, BRAIN BLEEDER. HAHA! Well wala itong sinasanto, wether you're smart or bum. It's okay, the difficulty's the same. The golden rule here is DON'T CHEAT, don't search for answers immediately, take time to answer because its's not yet the end of the world. =))

The first game we have here is the ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER.
It has 50 questons, regardless of the difficulty again, some levels are blissy-so-easy and some are blood-lust-so-hard. HAHA! IDK. I finished answering all the 50 of them nearly half of the day. HAHAHA! iniyakan ko yan! LOL! anyway here's a screenshot of ultimate problem solver's game site.



The second game we have here is the TOTALLY TRICKY
Based on it's name, it's totally TRICKY!
here's the major rule

All you have to do is change the URL (the link in the address bar) in such a way to get to the next level.
On almost ALL of the levels, you edit the part before .php and after the last slash.
I suppose that sounds easy enough - but here's a few pointers.

A screen shot of the game might left you interested. =))



Actually, I'm not yet done answering totally tricky because it's really hard! I SWEAR! But if you have patience and cool comprehension, you might answer all 100 of them. HAHAHA!

Goodluck Gamers!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alive and Kicking

Hello Readers!

I just wanted you to know that I'm still alive and kickin'! hahahahaha! I'm focusing more on my academics because it's our hell/exams week. And uuh. FTW major, seperate dates of exams. =| Well anyway. Once everything is done I'll go back to blogging. So excited to keep in touch with you again. HAHA! ALIVE AND KICKING! =)))))))))


Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello Readers!

WEll I just realized that MY BLOG is an all-around blog. And I post here things related to the THOMASIAN COMMUNITY. So here, I am proud and happy that I was featured in one of the THOMASIAN PORTAL sites here in the internet. BUHAY USTe's TUMBLR site. =))

Here it is! =)) the proof. LOL

Well anyway. Buhay USTe is a blogsite dedicated for is thomasians ESPECIALLY soon-to-be thomasians because they answer queries regarding stuffs in and outside UST stuffs. =)) They also post here facts and trivias about the regal history of UST, most popular dining establishment in the campus and the like! Hope that they will post here scary stories. HEHE. KIDDING! They also post here pictures and wonderful moments and memories stored in UST. Well, ano pa ba ang dapat hanapin? hahaha! OH! AND THEY also HOLD CONTESTS here so BE UPDATED! =))

So Thomasians and soon-to-be Thomasians! Visit their site always! =)) Buhay USTe

And for my blogpost about my first 50 experiences. CLICK HERE

BUHAY USTe. Many thanks for the feature and thank you as well for appreciating my experiences during my frosh year. =)) MANY MORE POWER and GOD BLESS! =))


Color Block is IN!

Hello readers!

hiatus much naman ako. Well anyway, here's the trend this season (actually patapos na). Color Blocking is one of the trends for s/s '11. Here, you are about to wear complimenary blocks of bright and solid colors in one outfit. Like wearing a Hot Pink top, Lime Green skirt, killer pumps and a tote, experimenting is the key here. It isn't a new trend but it made a superkalifragilisitcexpialidocius comeback. =))

Here are some pictures defining the hottest trends for the season

Even shoes, bags and accessories can create color block too! =))

Just always keep this in mind when trying to experiment:
Just be cool and confident in experimenting. Bright color combination is always pretty just mix it off properly. Orange, blue and green looks nagmumura but it will look so, so stylish. =)
Try not to combine more than 3 to 4 colors. HAHA! you might explode because of the color. =) Combining 3 to 4 colors kase might change the way your body used to be (you may look short or fat or your skin tone might alter too).
Keep it simple and clean.

Hangga't Summer, lubusin na! Sport this trend before rainy season. Color the town with your vibrant outfits and enjoy your life to the fullest!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Hello readers!

Matagal tagal din akong hindi nakapagblog. I'm sorry people. Prelims ko last week. And I'm back now! =)) to start with it, I'll share to you how fail I am during our mother's day celebration. =))

A day before the mother's day event. I made a last minute decision with dad in surprising nanay by giving her a bouquet of roses. GAAH! He gave me money for me to buy a bouquet high noon ng May 8. Told the plan to the rest of the gang that I'll buy roses at Dangwa and go home late so nanay can't notice what I bought. I also told our kasambahay to prepare a pail of water and be have much attention because the moment I hit the doorbell, that's the time that she will take charge of opening the gate. Well here we are. I went to Dangwa with a companion and we lasted enough till nightfall. I bought this kind of bouquet. ANG CUUTE NO?! LOL

Well after that, we straightly went home. Here's the twist: Because of Bebeng, I was totally SCREWED! I was almost home when it rained so hard. In front of the gate, pressed the doorbell immediately. I noticed that they were eating already and after like 2 seconds, someone opened the gate for me and guess what who opened that damn gate? It's my nanay. T_T Now our plan was ruined. =(( Damn that bebeng, I blamed our kasambahay ng light lang. HAHA! I didn't expect that event tala to happened. I feel ashamed for myself and being an epic fail.


LOL Anyway, life goes on, joined them in their eating moments. Nanay even said that she was surprised. HAHA! so *touched* ako. xD Okay lang naman yun, may next time pa. HAHA!

Before I slept, I organized everything, as in everything. HAHA! I waited for everyone to sleep na and then I did my ninja moves. XD I divided the whole bouquet into 3. =)) here's the pic. Sorry if it's not good. HAHA! At least I can divide it neatly. xD That's for nanay, mama (my grandmother), and tita (dad's sister).

I woke up the next day at 7:30 AM and I saw them all awake! HAHA! so 2nd epic fail because I have to give it to them the moment they woke up. SCREWED for the second time indeed. =))


We spent Mother's day by eating a heavy breakfast (Fetuccini, Jumbo Hotdog with mustard, ketchup and a LOT of cheese, Gulaman, watermelon and Pineapple juice). During lunch, we ate (Chicken and Pork BBQ, Java rice, same drinks, and I forgot the rest of the dishes).

We spent the day as well watching Pacquiao's fight! I knew the results on twitter so ako naunang nakaalam ng results. =))

I bonded with my cousins Shane and Sean again. =)) Hirap talaga makipag englishan sa kanilang 2. LOL. They swam on our kiddie pool (muntik na akong mag tampisaw dun. LOL)

The rest of the day was well spent. Slept early for the class and had a sweet dreams because of the fine (WOW FINE) weather. =))

Hope na next year ay hindi na ulit ako epic failure. =))


Friday, May 6, 2011

Where was I when the rockets came to life? =)

Hello everyone!

Due to my love in music, lemme have this with you again. =)
One of my favorite singers to date. The Owl City, whose songs "Fireflies" and "Vanilla Twilight" became a sleeper hit Worldwide! =))

And due to his comeback along with his newest album "All Things Bright and Beautiful", Adam Young launched his single Alligator Sky and his cool Music Video.

Let our imaginations take us away! =))

Here's the list of his songs in the album that will be released EVERYWHERE on June 14. =)

1. "The Real World" 3:55
2. "Deer in the Headlights" 3:01
3. "Angels" 3:40
4. "Dreams Don't Turn to Dust" 3:45
5. "Honey and the Bee" (featuring Breanne Düren) 3:45
6. "Kamikaze" 3:28
7. "January 28, 1986" 0:38
8. "Galaxies" 4:03
9. "Hospital Flowers" 3:39
10. "Alligator Sky" (featuring Shawn Chrystopher) 3:05
11. "The Yacht Club" (featuring Lights) 4:33
12. "Plant Life" 4:11

Visit his site Owl City Music for more information. =)


Here's Lady Gaga's newest Music Video and the title is JUDAS. HAHA! sounds appealing huh? Well, Gaga showed fierceness here in her MV. It's up to you as well on how you will interpret the song and the video. ENJOY


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Awkward Dream. =\

Hello Readers!

Maybe I dreamt about this stuff because the awkward word is always running in my head. HAHA. LOL. Anyway, before those memories fade, lemme share this with you guys. =))

I think it started out sa School (My Alma Mater) whereas we GRADUATED nga and then during our graduation, each of us were given bouquets of flowers and I do not know who gave them to us. =)) After that, things get strange because suddenly nag college agad kami. The First awkward moment is that, yes, I dreamt that I am studying in UST but my course there was AB Communication Arts (LOL. HAHA! BAD BAD BAD). Well carry on. The next scene was I was asked to drive a van and I'm with 4 friends and my teacher in highschool (no mentioning of names. sorry. XD). I drove from UST to Navotas (the other side). And while we were stuck in Navotas because an ongoing procession (catholic event naman), so we waited like for forever because the procession was awfully slow. HAHA! When the procession ended, we went back to my alma mater to go home na. The next scene was I went to my friend's house near the school and payed him a visit. Wala naman akong ginawa dun so KROO KROO thing inside the house. He asked me na lang to play the computer, I played CROSS FIRE (plug). Yes, CROSS FIRE, and I defeated all the enemies, something like that. And then pagkauwi ko ng bahay, I played the same game again. HAHA! (naadik na ba?). The next day, I went to my alma mater to attend an event, like alumni reunion something and sa roof deck ang event. Pagka akyat ko, siksikang sardinas ang scenario pero sa middle, parang runway, may space (so may rarampa or whatever? XD). HAHA! I seated on the left side (indian sit lang) along with my fellow batchmates. And then one of the teachers announced that there was a game contest where the game is Cross Fire and the requirements to win is that, you have to kill the most number of enemies in that game. nasagi sa isipan ko na I played the game last night but I didn't expect to win. And #thatawkwardmoment when your teacher announced that I am the winner! HAHA! So may shocking moment pa ako, and all the people different batches were cheering for me and congratulating me that I won! HAHA! One of the weirdest things happened is that, inikot ko yung roof deck mula sa entrance and then lumakad ako sa runway. HAHA! (ang purpose pala non ay para sakin!) kasi napakasikip sa gilid so sa gitna ako naglakad. When I received my prize, nagkaparty bigla beside the building (may superclub na sa alma mater ko. LOL). So puntahan lahat sa club. While partying in one of the lounge, una, kasama ko eung circle of friends ko rejoicing for my victory. LOL. After them, I went back sa corridor para magmuni muni something. And then one of my friend asked me to go to the other lounge to talk with his barkada. I answered yes, and while we were walking, derecho lang kasi ang tingin ko that time and I noticed that someone held my hands secretly. (kasi magkaakbay kami ng kaibigan ko and on his left, #thatawkwardmoment that someone held my left hand (so i'll make hula pa who held my hand. LOL). Nagising na ako after non.

The saddest part is, when I woke up and realized that t'was BITIN! And I was like:

And wished that I can stop the time to relive my dream

hahaha! 1st is that I didn't have the chance to drive my own car, 2nd is that "is the celebration for me?" kasi yun lang yung event tas party party na, and the 3rd is "WHO HELD MY HAND?! WHOOO!" Excited na excited ako ee kase I wanna know. xD. =|

HAHA! nasabi ko lang na inlove ko these days nagparamdam na, sa panaginip nga lang. LOL. Kung may interpretation lang ang bawat panaginip, prolly, I know what these are. Anyway, that's the end of my dreams. Anyway, tuloy ang buhay. I still have school and lotsa problems to face. Well, goodluck to all of us. =)


Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey Daydreamer! =)

Hey Daydreamer

Feeling odd about this song? Thinking that the singer itself is an international artist? haha. Think twice, it's Rez Toledo, an OPM artist. =)) COOL huh. When the first time I heard his single Hey Daydreamer, akala ko talaga foreigner ang kumanta. LOL. So proud nanaman ang pinas dahil e-evolve na tayo when it comes to the music scene. =)

Somedaydream whose name in reality is Rez Toledo, pegged as the Philippines Owl City (wow, that's cool), is here now with his coolest single entitled Hey Daydreamer. Somedaydream is signed as the first recording artist of the newest record company here in the Philippines, Mecca Music Philippines, launched by former vocalist of Hale now a solo artist together with his friends.

Sabi ko nga kanina, his single, Hey Daydreamer, is really cool. For the young, lovers, even dreamers. HAHA! This song is for you! Enjoy listening and watching his Music Video (and Jasmine Curtis Smith is her lady there in the vid. xD)

Follow him on twitter sdrez for updates. =)) Mee too! hahaha! adriiDG. =))

Let us continue to support OPM! =))


Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello readers!

Along with Forever 21's 3-day sale also comes with this cool local brand Oxygen whereas they will also have a 3-day sale actually yesterday, today and tomorrow! April 29 to May 1! So hurry up and shop till you drop! They didn't tell up to how many percent is the sale but let's assume that it will be up to 50% or more. =)) Goodluck shoppers! =)


Things you can do with a SAMSUNG SMART TV. (part 3)

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Hello readers!

Now's my last turn to prove to you that Samsung Smart TV is not only for watching high quality movies or videos but also to amaze each and everyone of you because of the experience of this one and only cool innovation brought to you by SAMSUNG. =))

Just because Samsung Smart TV is really cool, as in C-O-O-L, these cool vibes reached the world Azeroth and between the Sentinel and the Scourge. =)) You know what I'm talking about right?! Samsung Smart TV's cool aura reached the God-like powers of the heroes of the Defense of the Ancients!


Source of images: Play DOTA
SCRIPT: Obviously ME! =)) (i used the name, images of heroes and some of their skills to prove that Samsung Smart TV is really the right choice to have with.ü)

And the Heroes has spoken about on what they can say about that TV. =)

1. Pugna (oblivion): Hey yah HEROES! through Samsung Smart TV, the innovations before this great invention will be in oblivion! NYAHAHAH!

2. Kunkka (admiral): Even Ghost Ships will appear because they will use Samsung Smart TV in their Cabins. savvey?! HAHA!

3. Lina Inverse (slayer): My Feiry Soul will love Samsung Smart TV for FOREVER! my heart is ablaze, it's keeping me warm. <3

4. Medusa (gorgon): When I will use Stone Gaze to the Samsung Smart TV. It will be sure that I'll turn to stone because of the picture perfect image reflections I am making! =)

5. Crixalis (sand king): HAHA! Even the quality of my Sand Storm will be more detailed and will be viewed in 3D, you can count them on from now on! HAHAHA! Goodluck!

6. Balanar (night stalker): I fear light and Darkness no more because of Samsung Smart TV. Clear specs and real image can be seen anytime of the day. HRRRR!

7. Atropos (bane elemental): I think I'll get countless Nightmared if I can't get one Samsung Smart TV! teehee!

8. Pudge (butcher): Fresh meats will Rot no more because Samsung Smart TV has is an energy saver. YUUUM!

9. Razor (lightning revenant): Unstable Currents of crowd will buy Samsung Smart TV because this Smart TV is really FOR THE WIN!

10. Krobelus (death prophet): Because of your amazement with Samsung Smart TV. You will be in Silence. HAHA! You can't even say a single word because your in SILENCE!

11. Slark (murloc nightcrawler): Even the Shadows will Dance because of its sleek size and design, a pure space saver indeed! Rejoice shadow monsters! HAHA!

12. Terrorblade (soul keeper): The human race will Sunder no more, instead, will reunite because you can use SNSs (social networking sites) to keep in touch with mankind!

13. Clinkz (bone fletcher): I'll use Wind Walk just to get out of my household chores to watch my favorite movies. HARHAR! =)

14. Nortrom (silencer): Saying to other TVsL "anymore lastwords before pulling out your tv stocks? LOL. Samsung Smart TV is on its way dominating the whole world! HAHAHA!"

15. Abaddon (lord of avernus): I can Borrow Time from my friends to spend the night with me watching movies and playing games, oh, I'll cherish that wonderful moment with me!

16. Tiny (stone giant): even my great grandchildren will GROW! along with the Samsung Smart TV because its smartness will never fade! Albert Einstein-ish? LOL! =)

17. Kael (invoker): Time to invoke your family members and to witness your photo slideshow memories. One sweet moment to really hang on. =)

18. Banehallow (lycanthrope): Even my followers will howl with happiness because we can see our fellow wolves in the TV like in real life. HAHAHA!

19. Purist Thunderwrath (omniknight): HAHA! My Guardian Angel will protect my Samsung Smart TV in any way! It became a part of my life. =))

20. Syllabear (lone druid): The Synergy of this Smart TV will never fail you. Just one click, with it's tight internet connection, it will really never fail you. =))

21. Mortred (phantom assassin): No one will ever get disturbed nor Blur because you can still watch TV while I'm checking the news. HAHA!

22. Darchrow (enigma) Black Holes will never appear anymore. They are scared because of the brightness of Samsung Smart TV's color quality. =)

23. Akasha (queen of pain): In a Blink of an eye, I can download as more as 1000 applications with Samsung Smart TV. AHAHA!

24. King Leoric (skeletin king): If I will die and to do Reincarnation, I will choose to be a Samsung Smart TV. Why? because I'll be the SMARTEST! BWAHAHA!

25. Lo (guardian wisp): I'll Overcharge my Samsung Smart TV with a lot of apps and accessories. Overcharging is GOOD!

26. Gondar (bounty hunter): Yow mah dudes! Samsung Smart TV can Track everything, track in music, track in movie, track in news, track in EVERYTHING! hohoho!

27. Furion (prophet): Even the Force of Nature will rejoice because Samsung Smart TV is an environment-friendly SMART TV!

28. Aiushtha (enchantress): My Samsung Smart TV is Untouchable because I can use a Samsung Galaxy Tab to navigate Samsung Smart TV. how wise and nice huh!

29. Bradwarden (centaur warchief): This era is the Return of the SMARTEST! WOW! COOL! Azgalor (pit lord): My OTHER tvs are ready for Expulsion because surely Samsung Smart TV will be liked by all!

30. Morphling (morphling): I will morph my past tv here in home (another samsung TV) into a Samsung Smart TV! The Smarter the Better!

31. Mercurial (spectre): All the famous persons will haunt me and I'll let them watch and use my Samsung Smart TV. HAHAHA!

32. Aurel Vlaicu (gyrocopter): Call Down your loved ones and let us have a quality time bonding!

33. Strygwyr (bloodseeker): My heart is ready for Rupture if ever my master ADRIAN will win this contest. HAHAHA! GOODLUCK master and to all the contestants! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! =)

34. Mirana Nightshade (priestess of the moon): My Master Adrian will surely LEAP like 5 feet if he will be announced as the winner. =)))

Well, this is a result of my unending imagination. =)) the 34 heroes now had spoken the coolest thing about Samsung Smart TV. Well.

And for me, being the 35th HERO. I would just like to say that Samsung Smart TV will really drive you crazy to infinity even if it is tiny, we can still see everything clearly, nothing would feel sorry because this smart tv is really a deary to all of us. =))

I just can't believe that Samsung Smart TV is really the most innovative and the sleekest invention ever. Congratulations to Samsung. Cheers, Adrian


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